First Italian and Swiss company to show up at the Benghazi chamber of commerce and participate in the Country’s reconstruction” This is how the President of the Libyan Chamber of Commerce welcome us. The program also included education and training on the healthcare and physical therapy market.

We worked at this business trip in Libya for an entire year; we were the first to take a stand, even before the Italian politics, but I don’t think it was enough to prepare us for what we experienced. The city is alive, safe, it looks past the war, past business; there are no words to describe what I felt eating an hamburger at the port, in front of Sapri palaces destroyed by bullets, or sitting down at a table with people who have never met you, who don’t speak your language, and yet do anything in their power to make you feel at home… This is the Libya I’ve know, which should be supported by developing trades and business in their territory, to create culture and occupation.