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eXor is also a reference player in real estate intermediation for residential care facilities (nursing homes), physical therapy clinics, hospices, and clinics for non-self-sufficient patients, by offering expert technical, contractual and financial consultancy services to its clients. In particular:

  • Market analysis
  • Screening of possible real estate investments, to provide a thorough assessment and diverse market opportunities
  • Asset-business-financial assessment of the facility
  • Legal, technical, environmental, safety, and urban planning assessment of the facility
  • Administration assessment for authorizations and accreditations
  • Facility technical details
  • Identification of possible buyers and investment strategy
  • Facility enhancement
  • Search for investors

eXor can boast partnerships with listed European leading companies, thanks to the important experience and wide network built by President Paolo Balossi over the years, whilst ensuring high quality, safety and professional standards, and offering excellent investment, business, managerial and organizational solutions.

For some years now, this profile is further validated by a strong partnership with first-class private banks, offering, through eXor, solutions to diversify client’s investments with off-scale ROI and ROE values.

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Our “Turk-key” process”

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eXor is active on the entire European territory, and it provides building design, construction, renovation and ordinary/extraordinary maintenance services, focusing especially on the following activities:

  • Complete building design and renovation
  • Construction activities commencement permits
  • Building registration variations
  • Specifications and Estimated bills of quantities
  • Works management
  • Inspections
  • Issuance of certificates of compliance
  • Construction site safety coordination at the planning and implementation stage (Leg. Decree 81/2008)

Through its partnerships, eXor can supply the best certified and quality furniture for your clinic/hospital at a convenient price.

In addition, it can supply all complementary services, such as orthopedic prosthesis, custom orthoses, physical therapy, aids and general paramedical items.

Lastly, for a true “turn-key” service, it offers hospital and residential care management consultancy, ensuring a fixed-term income to its investors:

  • Business monitoring
  • Support to facility effectiveness and efficiency assessment processes, to make sure that managerial behaviour is in line with the programs established
  • Regular and systematic goal assessment to make sure they are in line with the results. This implies consistent tracking of goals, results and resources employed
  • Assessment of the organization effectiveness and budget, report and result analysis (analytical accounting/allocation of income-expenditure), etc.

And let’s not forget President Paolo Balossi’s interest for the international market, which led to establishing corporate branches in in the Levant and in French Africa, and to the development of important markets, such as Iraq, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Libya, consolidating the Company’s international medical tourism and healthcare activities.

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